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Griben Cup Holder Pad StarVintage Style 8002B


The Genuine 100% New Brand

Designed by GRIBEN


Please do not remove the double-sided tape protection paper plate on the back of this product before using it.
If the paper plate is damaged during use, please use it after attaching the enclosed transparent film.


▶ Quantity : 1 PCS

▶ Material : Rubber Foam

▶ Manufacture: DETAILKOREA (made in korea)

▶ Color : Brown, Deep Gray

▶ Size : About 65mm (2.55 inch)

             About 70mm (2.75 inch)

             About 75mm (2.95 inch)

            Thickness 6.2mm (0.24 inch)

▶ Vintage design


"DETAILKOREA" ownership of the design.

Unauthorized copying or use prohibited.


  If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

Griben Cup Holder Cup Pad Star design Vintage Style 8003B

2.41$ سعر عادي
1.98$سعر البيع
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